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Clean Beauty & Hygiene: Sephora Makeup

Trying to research and find beauty & hygiene products for you and your family can quickly become a full-time job, so I've compiled this Clean Beauty & Hygiene series to help ease that burden for you!

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All of these Sephora makeup options are considered clean and safe to use by either the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep site, the Clearya app, and/or both (don't know what those apps are? Click here to read!) and had ratings of 4 stars or above (out of 5 stars) as of the date this was posted.

These lists will continue to be updated as I learn about more products!

**Side note: unfortunately, just because a product is considered "Sephora Clean," or the specific brand markets itself as "non-toxic" or "clean," does not mean that every item they sell is actually clean, which is why I listed the individual products I found that were safe to use, according to those two sources. For easier shopping, click on the "Other Notable Brands" to see brands that should be entirely EWG certified across all of their different products.

Update on October 31, 2023: I've added the categories "Blush," "Bronzer" and "Eyeliner," added some more new products to the other categories that were not available when I first wrote this post, as well as deleted some brands that are no longer at Sephora. Since gathering research for the original product list, Clearya has now labeled the ingredient "CI 77891" as an "Allowed with Restrictions" ingredient, which comes up as an alert. Therefore, some of these products that had zero alerts on the Clearya app in 2022 when I first wrote this post may now have this one alert.

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Tower 28 Beauty Sculptino Soft Matte Cream Contour + Bronzer





Face Powder





Serums & Oils

Other Notable Brands

The following brands are not at Sephora - however, these makeup brands are EWG-Verified or are committed to using clean ingredients in their skincare and makeup products (however, I do still recommend checking out the ingredients list of products before you use them, regardless of the brand).

**the makeup products for this brand will clearly have an EWG stamp on their product images if they're EWG-verified

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