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Hey, I'm Tara!

Thanks for checking out Tara with a Twist - I’m so happy you’re here!  

I created this blog to combine two passions of mine: the need to share, and the need to create.  When I find something I'm excited about, I can't wait to share it with my friends and family, whether it be a great deal on fashion or home decor, a new food or cocktail recipe, a cool travel destination, random moments of my day to day life, and most importantly: helpful health & lifestyle tidbits.


I'm in no way a nutrition or health professional, but when I learn something that can lead to a healthier life, I'm passionate about sharing that with the people I love.  I aim to always make it simple enough for a (science-challenged) person like me to understand, provide plenty of research, and am always open to correcting my posts if I write something in error or new & updated research has been found.  I've listed several health professionals below that I follow for you to check out and see if you'll feel at home here on my blog!


Fun Facts about me:

I am both an Air Force brat and TCK (a what? Click here, I’ll explain!), so I spent most of my life overseas and didn’t move to the states for good until I was eighteen

Pre-pandemic I bartended in Beverly Hills and loved introducing guests to their new favorite whiskey or cocktail


One of my first jobs growing up was playing harp and/or piano for cocktail hours on base


If there’s a pet in the room, 99% of the time that’s where I’ll be! 


Welcome to my blog! 


With love, Tara

Want to see if you'll feel at home here?  Check out below!

Some of the main Health Professionals I follow:

Some of my Favorite Shops for Clothing:

Some of my Favorite Shops for Home Goods & Decor:


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