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Strawberries & Cream




  • 2 Plump Strawberries, Quartered

  • 0.5oz of Cream of Coconut

  • 1.5oz of Vodka

  • Top with Vanilla Coconut Milk, Unsweetened

Add first two ingredients into your glass and muddle, then add vodka & ice and dump all the contents into your shaker.  Shake vigorously, then dump back into your glass and add more ice if necessary.  Top with your coconut milk and give it a stir and enjoy the pretty swirls!


**For a non-alcoholic version, just nix the vodka, add a third strawberry and no need to shake; just add ice and coconut milk after you muddle the first two ingredients and then stir for swirls.  For no swirls but a pink drink, add all ingredients to glass and shake with the milk.  

**For a sweeter cocktail, do 0.75oz or 1.0oz of cream of coconut, or you can do sweetened vanilla coconut milk.  


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