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Spiced Pear Prosecco Mimosa




  • 0.5oz of Spiced Pear Simple

  • Pear Nectar

  • Prosecco

  • Garnish: Honey, Cinnamon Sugar Rim

Dip the rim of your coupe glass (or champagne flute) in honey, and then dip it into a plate of cinnamon sugar to coat the rim. Then pour in your syrup, and fill the rest of your glass with half pear nectar and half Prosecco.


**This recipe will vary depending on the size of your glass. Mine to the left holds about 7.5 - 8oz of liquid comfortably, so the portions I used were about 4oz Prosecco and 3oz of pear nectar. As with most mimosas, you can eyeball the champagne & juice, and adjust the recipe to your liking as far as portions go.

**Click here for the spiced pear simple syrup recipe!


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