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Hotel Guide: The Venetian Las Vegas!

Heading to Las Vegas but don't know where to stay? I totally get it - the amount of hotels on the strip alone can be overwhelming! However, after many trips to Vegas and stays at different hotels, I can say with confidence that The Venetian Resort will forever be my number one choice!

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The Hotel Room

The hotel rooms at the Venetian are by far my favorite part about staying there! Why, you ask? Because every single room at the Venetian is a spacious suite! No matter what room you're in or what floor you're on, it always feels like you've been upgraded!

Every suite has a separate sleeping area with a sunken living room, making the rooms at the Venetian almost twice the size of other standard rooms available on the strip. The room my boyfriend and I usually book is the Luxury King Suite, which is 650 square feet of pure comfort & luxurious bliss.

The living area has a separate space for dining, for working, and for entertaining. The curtains and shades are remote-controlled, making them super easy (and fun) to operate. There's a closet with a light that automatically turns on when you open its doors, where you'll find an assortment of different hangars as well as two plush robes (if you've read my Westin Anaheim post, then you know I love my plush robes!).

If you need more space than what's in the closet, there's also an over-sized dresser across from the bed. Not sure why you need two, but there's two flat screen tv's as well - one you can watch comfortably from bed, and one you can watch comfortably from the chairs in the living area.

Oh...and can't forget about my favorite tv! The third television is in the bathroom, where you can comfortably watch from the all-marble Roman tub!

Honestly, who knew you could get so excited for a hotel bathroom? But when it comes to the Venetian, it's understandable.

Putting the luxurious splendor of the design aside (seriously, these bathrooms are gorgeous), the bathrooms are crazy practical, especially if you decide to go with a group. There are two sinks, a tub, a separate glass shower, a vanity desk with a makeup mirror, and the toilet has its own door for privacy. Oh, and inside the separate toilet area...there's a telephone! I've always wanted to use the telephone in there, just to use it, but still haven't yet. Maybe one day.

The bathrooms have so much space, which is perfect for a group trying to get ready for a night out on the strip.

One of my favorite memories here is when I had about twenty minutes of down time, so I poured myself a glass of wine (that I brought), drew a bubble bath, and turned on the tv to watch an episode of Friends. It was the perfect way to relax after a morning of walking around on the strip and before a long night out. No other hotel on the strip can provide those kinds of vacation vibes with their standard rooms!

A couple quick disclaimers about the room details: the accessible suites will not have a sunken living room, and according to their site, the extra tv in the bathroom is not available for rooms in the Venezia Tower (which I believe is a separate area of the hotel for those wanting a more quiet, relaxed feel). On that note, however, we've never requested to stay in the Venezia Tower, and have never had a problem with noise. Not once have we heard outside noise from within our suite, which is awesome and kind of crazy since you almost always hear people when you're walking down the hallways.


According to their site, both self-parking and valet are complimentary (yay!). We've always self-parked, which is never too bad. When you pull up to the Venetian, there's usually someone there that can direct you to either valet or self-park. Then you follow the Self-Park signs back to the garage and drive up until you find a spot.

One of the main advantages I can see of using their valet, is you can pull right up to the front, so it's less of a walk from your car to the lobby for check in. From the self-park garage, it's quite a trek. It's standard for Vegas hotels, but if you're new to Vegas, it'll feel like a walk. If you have a lot of luggage or someone in your party has accessibility needs, I'd recommend pulling up to the front and using valet.

For more information on their parking and for maps, click here!

Check In / Check Out

Check-in is technically at 3pm, and check out is at 11am. However, there have been plenty of times where we drove in to Vegas earlier than 3pm, and were able to check in early. It never hurts to go to the main lobby and check! The only time our room wasn't ready before 3pm was when we requested to have conjoining rooms with our friends (which was an extra charge). Even then, I think the latest we had to wait was 1pm before our rooms were ready. Honestly it depends on availability and how busy the hotel is at the time.

If the line to check in seems long, don't worry! The line actually goes pretty fast, so you shouldn't have to wait that long if there is a line. You can also check in to the hotel up to 24 hrs in advance through this website, and you'll get a confirmation email when your room is ready! Super easy & convenient. When you get the email, just skip over to the Guest Assistance line to pick up your key!

After that, head to the elevators that lead up to the guest suites. You'll need your room key to enter the area for the suite elevators; there's a machine where you swipe your key and a green light should pop up, letting you go through. There's also a security guard there to make sure no one who isn't a guest (or with a guest) can go up, which personally makes me feel safer about staying there.

If you'd like to call ahead and request an early check in or check out, their website says you can call this number: 877.883.6423 (however, it's based on availability and additional charges may apply). Once again, we've never been charged an early check-in fee when we went in person, but then again, we usually go on days when the hotel isn't fully booked.

Check out is super easy. You can check out through this website, call the front desk, through the menu option on one of the tv's in the suite, one of their kiosks located throughout the hotel, or of course, you can go back through the line at the front desk.

The Venetian celebrated the Chinese New Year with a "Year of the Tiger" Display

Room Service / Dining

There are so many different options to choose from when dining at the Venetian - almost everything from casual burgers & shakes to upscale steak & seafood can be found in the resort. There's a variety of different Asian, Italian, French, Latin, Mexican and American restaurants that offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, happy hour, and dinner menus. So many options!! And that's not even including all of the amazing restaurants within walking distance out on the strip, as well! For this reason, in all honesty, I wouldn't recommend ordering room service.

The only plus side to room service at the Venetian (as with all room service), is that you don't have to leave your room, and can have hot food delivered right to your door. However, I will say that both times we ordered room service (breakfast for one trip, late night burgers for another trip), we weren't blown away and wished we had just gone out.

Rarely are we ever let down when we eat out at restaurants in Vegas, so on both occasions when we ordered room service at the Venetian, the food was good but it wasn't worth how much we paid, and felt like we should've just gone out. Room service menu items are expectedly priced high to begin with, but there's also an extra $9 delivery fee and an automatic 18% gratuity added to the check. When they come up to your room, they do set up your table for a fine dining experience (complete with a white tablecloth), but because 18% is already on the check, and we usually tip 20%, the difference always feels like too small of a tip in person and we end up over-tipping. A breakfast for two that may have cost us $40-50 out at a restaurant ends up costing us nearly $90, which isn't worth it if the food doesn't blow us away. The room service is 24/7, so if it's late and most restaurants are closed, at least you have the option to get food.

With so many fun & unique dining experiences to try in Vegas though, why not go explore? For a list of the restaurant and bar options at the Venetian, click here!

Quick Hotel Facts

  • There are four outdoor pools; and according to their site, they're heated! So you can also enjoy them during the winter

  • There's a luxury spa and fitness center, which offers fitness classes, salon services, and a variety of spa treatments

  • There's a resort fee of $45 (plus applicable tax) per night, which grants access for two to amenities like the pools and fitness center. If you book through, the resort fee is $51.02

  • In-Suite Wifi is included in the resort fee. There's also a FedEx Business center located on the 2nd floor

  • There is a $150 deposit per night required

  • In-Suite Room Service is available 24/7 (click here for the menu)

  • Floral Arrangements, Suite Experiences/Event Decorations, and Gift Baskets are available and can be viewed/purchased here

  • Parking (both valet & self-park) is complimentary

  • There is a casino and shopping mall in the resort, where you can find the world-famous gondola rides offered as well (indoor and outdoor options)

  • Grazie Rewards is the Venetian's loyalty program where you can find great discount rates (I usually compare between the rates through this rewards program and before I book)


Overall, when you take into consideration the fact that most 4.5-5 star hotels on the strip charge similar rates for their standard rooms, the amount of space and luxury you get with the Venetian suites makes staying at this hotel a no-brainer. It's centrally located on the strip, it has a ton of awesome amenities, it's full of amazing restaurants and shopping, and it's also connected to the Palazzo, so there's plenty to explore without having to go outside (if it's cold or it's super late and you want to stay close by).

I've also stayed at: Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, The Mirage (had a very bad experience here, do not recommend), and Vdara, and the Venetian blows all of these out of the water. I will admit that people have recommended I check out the Cosmopolitan, Wynn Las Vegas, and Aria. However, when I compare rates between these hotels, I'll always get more space for either the same or a lower rate if I go with the Venetian, so that's where I always go.

I will say, driving to Vegas for a night is usually a last minute decision for us, so when my boyfriend and I decide to go on a Sunday night or a weekday during off-season, we can sometimes get a room for as low as $127 (excluding the resort fee & tax).

The Venetian will forever have my heart, and I know you'll be a convert too once you experience all it has to offer!


Click here to watch a 30-second video tour!

Ready to book your stay? I've linked the Venetian in the following links so you can quickly compare rates to find the best deal:, TripAdviser and Expedia

You can also fill out the form below to check out rates for the dates you'd like to visit!

Have you stayed at the Venetian Resort? Let me know how your experience was in the comments below!

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