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Mediterranean Gin & Tonic

A delicious and simple twist of the classic gin cocktail.  




  • 1.5oz of Gin

  • Top with Fever Tree's Mediterranean Tonic 

  • Lemon Wheels & Rosemary Sprigs for Garnish

Add the gin to a high ball glass full of ice, then top with tonic.  Add as many lemon wheels and rosemary for garnish as you'd like!


**The majority of the time, I usually make 4oz cocktails and then try to adjust based on the size of my glass.  That's why for this mixed drink, I'll do 1.5oz of liquor and 2.5oz of mixer to equal 4oz.  If you have a bigger glass or would like your drink stronger, start with 2oz of gin and add more to your liking!

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