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Raspberry Mint Julep

The official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby is definitely a boozy one, so for those who would like to partake with a weaker, sweeter version, I present to you my Raspberry Mint Julep.  




  • 1.5 oz of Bourbon 

  • 1.0 oz of Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

  • 5 Mint Leaves  

  • 4-5 Plump Raspberries 

  • Top with Soda 

  • Garnish: Mint Sprig 

Add raspberries and simple syrup directly into your glass and muddle until the raspberries are nice and mashed.  Then add your mint leaves and very gently muddle the leaves (over muddling will bruise the mint and you'll have an overpowering mint flavor).  Then pour your bourbon into your glass and add ice.  Top with as much or as little soda as you'd like, then garnish with your mint sprig.   


**Traditionally, mint juleps have crushed ice.  I'm lazy however, and rather than get a crushed ice machine or crush ice myself with a ziplock bag & hammer, I just use regular cubed ice.  

**You can use any type of cup for this, but a smaller glass like a rocks glass or a julep cup usually look best.  

**For brown sugar simple syrup, mix equal parts hot water & brown sugar until sugar dissolves.  

**You can substitute the brown sugar for regular simple syrup.  










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