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Honey Blackberry Iced Tea

Cool down on those sunny summer days with an iced honey blackberry iced tea!  I personally prefer to make this with bourbon, but what I love about it is you can swap out the bourbon for pretty much any spirit and it would taste great, and also tastes amazing as a mocktail!  




  • 1.5 oz of Bourbon 

  • 1.0 oz of Honey Syrup 

  • 5-6 Plump Blackberries 

  • Juice of half a Lemon (optional)

  • Iced Tea 

  • Garnish with several Lemon Wheels directly in glass  

Add blackberries and honey syrup to your glass and muddle until your berries are nice and mashed.  Then add your spirit of choice, lemon juice, and fill your glass with ice and iced tea.  Dump the whole thing into your shaker, shake vigorously, then dump back into your glass.  Top with more ice (if needed), then add your lemon wheels.  


**For non-alcoholic version: nix the alcohol and keep everything else the same

**I recommend using an unsweetened or lightly sweetened iced tea so that it doesn't come out too sweet.  If sweetened tea is all you have, I recommend cutting back on the honey at first and adding more for taste.  I used the Arizona RX Stress Herbal Iced tea because it is lightly sweetened and decaf.  If you prefer sweet tea, then add as much honey syrup as you'd like! 

**For honey syrup, mix equal parts hot water & honey until honey dissolves.   










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