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Boozy Irish Float




  • 1oz of Irish Whiskey

  • 1oz of Irish Cream Liqueur 

  • 3 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Top with Stout Beer

  • Garnish: Chocolate Syrup

Drizzle chocolate syrup into your glass, then add the ice cream.  Pour whiskey & Irish cream liqueur over the ice cream, then fill the glass with your stout beer.  Garnish with (another scoop of ice cream?  Why not!) extra chocolate drizzle on top, give it a little stir, and enjoy!

Non-Dairy Version:  Use Baileys Almond Milk Liqueur for the Irish cream, a non-dairy vanilla ice cream (like this one), and a non-milk stout beer, like Guinness.

Lighter Version: Use Baileys Deliciously Light Irish Cream for the Irish cream, a low cal/low sugar vanilla ice cream, and a low cal/low sugar chocolate syrup (like this one).  

Non-Alcoholic Version: Nix the whiskey, do 2oz (or more to your liking) of an Irish cream coffee creamer or 1.5oz of an Irish cream syrup, and swap the stout beer for cream soda.  


**This recipe is easy to adjust depending on taste preference and glass size.  If you like a stronger whiskey taste, bump the amount to 1.5oz-2oz.  If you don't like whiskey, just nix it and do 1.5oz of your Irish cream liqueur.  If you're not wanting it too sweet, go easy on the ice cream & Irish cream liqueur.  If you're not a fan of beer, swap it out with cream soda.    

**For this cocktail, I used Jameson Irish whiskey (Caskmates Stout Edition), Guinness stout beer, Creamy Vanilla Bean Oatmilk ice cream, and the Baileys Almond Milk liqueur.    

**I was inspired by this recipe from, but decided to do my own measurements to my liking and added some Irish whiskey, because why not?


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