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Blue Coconut Cooler

If you're a fan of coconut water like me, you'll love this cocktail!  Stay hydrated in that summer heat with a delicious and refreshing tropical cocktail!  It's light on the liquor and heavy on the coconut water, so it's perfect for day drinking out in the sun!




  • 1.0oz of Vodka

  • 1.0oz of Blue Curacao

  • 0.5oz of Coconut Cream 

  • 3.5oz of Coconut Water

  • Mint Sprig for Garnish

Add the first four ingredients to your shaker, fill with ice, then shake!  Strain into your glass filled with ice and garnish with a mint sprig.  


**For more sweetness, you can add more coconut cream.  Since it's thick and very sweet, I like to start with a little and add more if needed.  

**I linked a couple of the products that I used for this cocktail for your convenience below.  

Bols Blue Curacao: click here!

Coconut Cream: click here!

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